Buy a bead to forever remember this special day.
    - Every story has a bead -
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    A wedding day is a precious moment, not only for the bride and groom, but for the entire wedding party. It is a day of love, celebration, happiness, and joy. It is a day that creates beautiful stories worth remembering.

    Trollbeads jewelry is the perfect accessory to mark the day. Not only wearable on your wedding day, but everyday hereafter as a memory of the best day of your life.
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    Wear for example an extravagant Tiara, customized by you, on your wedding day and feel like a queen. The next day you can disperse the Tiara and use the same beads on a bracelet, bangle or necklace and carry on the memory of your wedding day in a more everyday manner. If you’re looking for a special engagement ring or wedding ring, you can design your own, unique ring with Trollbeads.

    The Tiara can also be altered and styled in other bead combinations, subtle or elaborate, to fit other special occasions.